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The Era of Desktop Virtualization at Olgun Çelik has Started with the Cooperation of NGTech!

Olgun Çelik, one of the well-established organizations of the automotive industry, has made its work more efficient with Dell Technologies’ hyper-integrated infrastructure solutions with its customer-oriented service approach. The union of forces made for the NGTech-Olgun Çelik HCI-VDI project enabled the desktop virtualization project to be successfully implemented.

Olgun Çelik, one of the strong organizations of the automotive supplier industry, is affiliated to iLab Holding, which is a part of Access Turkey Capital Group as a long-established company of 77 years. Olgun Çelik, founded in Izmir in 1945, moved to Manisa OSB in 1981. in 2008, she was again in Manisa OIZ 2. the company, which opened the production facility, was recognized as an R & D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2010.Dec. Olgun Çelik is a strong brand in the competitive world market with its modern facilities, experienced workforce and technical knowledge and is the Sunday leader in Turkey in its field. Olgun Çelik is the Sunday leader in the light commercial vehicle category in Europe and is in the top 3 in all production. Olgun Çelik IT Manager Başak Berk also shared the following information:

Sundays Sundays”Some of the products produced at Olgun Çelik, which offers suspension, light product and technology solutions to light, medium and heavy commercial main industry vehicle manufacturers in the global market and to the aftermarket of these vehicles, are parabolic leaf spring, conventional leaf spring, Z-type leaf spring and composite leaf spring. Olgun Dechtech brand, which offers light product and technology solutions to many sectors such as automotive and defense, as well as R&D and test center services, started its activities in 2020. The OLGUTOMATION business unit, which was commissioned in 2021, also offers automation and Industry 4.0 transformation solutions and services.

Olgun Çelik, whose global main industrial brands such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Ford, Isuzu, MAN, BMC, Temsa, Karsan, Otokar constitute a significant part of its customer portfolio, has IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO 45001 certificates in addition to Daimler Category A, FORD Q1 certificates, which are the highest production and quality control standards of the sector.”

Successful projects become strong references

Under the roof of iLab Holding, to which Olgun Çelik is affiliated, at first , , , as a result, important technology companies are being positioned. This creates an important advantage for Mature Steel. As an example of this, priority is given to working with companies within the holding in their projects. For the VDI project implemented with NGTech, we also came together thanks to the reference controls carried out within the holding Dec.

With the pandemic affecting the whole world, remote working has become an invariable part of our lives. The issues such as performance and uninterrupted operation, security, redundancy, hardware failures that come with this issue have also increased their importance. The need for hardware-independent performance operation was an existing need for the software used in Olgun Çelik. In addition, remote work performed before arriving at the office environment for a long time also extended the intervention time of hardware problems. Oct.  When important topics related to security, redundancy, uninterrupted operation were added to this, the sleeves were rolled up for the VDI project, which has been on the agenda for a long time. Thus, the project was commissioned in 2021 with the cooperation of NGTech.

Başak Berk said, “There is a comparison in both technical and commercial terms in all projects. Maintaining the balance here and directing projects to the right source is Olgun Çelik’s priority as the task of the IT department. Technical specifications specific to each project are prepared and all critical success factors that will affect the project are positioned within them. When all the items are visible on paper, the sentence “We want to make a turnkey project in accordance with this technical specification” is also accepted,”he said.

The VDI project was also implemented with similar processes within the body of Olgun Çelik. A very detailed technical specification has been prepared. Technical meetings were held with all possible companies on the same specification, different brands and products were also examined. All scenarios were tried on demos. At the end of all these studies, a benchmarking table was created, and the commercial dimension of the project was added to this table. The decision was made to move forward with NGTech, where the balance was achieved in both technical and commercial dimensions.

High performance and secure infrastructure with low-cost hardware

Olgun Çelik IT Technical Leader Eren Eryilmaz made the following assessment: “With this investment, users are now provided with dummy PCs instead of buying powerful devices such as a workstation, enabling them to work on the server with high performance. Hardware restrictions are eliminated by increasing and decreasing server-side resources when necessary. While all the studied data is now stored on the server side, it takes backups. Thus, the risk of data loss due to hardware problems is eliminated. Determining many scenarios for testing and testing the system with these scenarios before taking it into live use offered the opportunity to foresee and solve many problems that may be encountered after switching to live.”

In the first place, no matter how high-spec it was taken, the purchase of a workstation PC, which lost its effect in 2 years and brought performance complaints in a short period of time, was abandoned by the user. Erhan Yildirim, one of the Olgun Çelik IT team, said, “This provided a plus profit both in terms of operational and cost. Between opening a new user with VDI and installing a hardware from scratch, the advantages both in terms of time and effort soon manifested themselves Decently. Since the data is stored on the server, it is no longer necessary to make user-based backup operations. Since the server has been backed up, the data of all VDI users is also backed up. With this investment, the speed of PC change increases significantly when a hardware failure occurs, while providing a new dummy PC allows employees to pick up where they left off,” he said.

The advantages of VDI technology are showing themselves

With the VDI investment implemented at Olgun Çelik, the cost of PCS has also fallen dramatically. The period of hardware change requirement has also been extended. While the PC provided to the user is added to the list of PCs to be replaced when the warranty expires, a user will now be able to use a PC for periods exceeding 5 years. Meanwhile, while the preparation time for the new user has Decelerated considerably compared to the old one, Olgun Çelik’s hand has strengthened significantly on the data security side. The risk of data loss due to hardware failure has also decreased significantly. Olgun Çelik, based on the fact that chemistry holds, aims to cooperate with NGTech in new projects.

Generating value from data

Nowadays, when data is growing unpredictably, it is of great importance that the infrastructures where data is processed and stored have new generation features that facilitate everyday operations. It is also a well-known fact that IT managers spend most of their time just to keep the system running. Simplicity, easy scalability, reliability are the concepts that IT managers are looking for today and that differentiate VxRail. Mature Steel; With VxRail Stretch Cluster, it has a structure that can ensure the continuation of all its operations without zero data loss and intervention against possible data center closure. In addition, thanks to the easy update feature, which is one of the most important features of VxRail, system administrators can now perform update operations in a practical way by spending less time. Finally, by incorporating a solution with a lower total cost of ownership with the ability to grow both horizontally and vertically into their environment, an on-site and correct investment has been implemented for future growth scenarios. With VxRail, it is possible to increase storage space by adding individual disks, and it is extremely easy to increase storage space as well as processor and memory resources by adding new endpoints. In addition to these features, VxRail continues to be the most preferred solution in the HCI architecture today with many other features it has.

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