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Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform for Kubernetes

Portworx offers a fully integrated solution for permanent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migration and automatic shutdown management for applications running on Kubernetes (k8s).

Unbiased Evaluation Kubernetes is a leading solution in the field of Storage and Data Protection as a result of research published by Gigaom, which conducts technology-oriented analyses. This research is evaluated by hundreds of companies worldwide, performance, and live case analyses. GigaOm is a company that provides news, analysis and opinions about newly established companies, emerging technologies and other technology-related issues.

You can access the GigaOm Report via the link:

As a result, Portworx is the Kubernetes data services platform that is widely used by Global 2000 companies such as Carrefour, Comcast, GE Digital, Kroger, Lufthansa and T-Mobile. At the same time, this solution is also being served by onda company in Turkey.

Below, with PX–Enterprise, you can have PX-Store, PX-Autopilot, PX-Migrate, PX-Secure manually editing, you can have PX-DR solution just like you can have PX-Backup solution.

So what are these modules good for? Come let’s look together;

PX-Store: Measurable Mold Storage for Kubernetes

The work applications you make for PX-Store in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments:

HA and data collection
Automatic restore via Snapshot
Storage performance layering
Shared units (a lot of literacy)
Automatic fault domain detection
PX-Backup: Which Backup Should be Made for Kubernetes?

Kubernetes offers you to back up, back up, and monitor your workloads;

Ability to make continuous backups in data centers
Business and click recovery for any Kubernetes application
Ability to fulfill your compliance and management questions for all your Kubernetes applications without a single search
PX-Secure: Uncompromising Kubernetes Data Security

The unalterable, indelible property of the received object, secure access control and encryption can be managed;

Kubernetes Provides data security for our platform
You can use your own key data encryption
Dedicated data volume access control
Active Directory and LDAP integration
Ransomware offers the possibility of data recycling against attacks
PX-DR: To Be Able to Maintain Your Most Critical Data in Different Locations

It offers an end-to-end DR solution created specifically for Kubernetes;

Stateful applications on Kubernetes can also lift DR to the moon by defining the RPO (Recovery Point Target) time by 1 minute or less
Between any cloud or on-premises data centers, Dec
Multi-Site Asynchronous Replication for DR (WAN)
PX-Migrate: The Possibility of Moving Applications Within Any Medium December of Completion

The ability to easily migrate your workloads on the Kubernetes platform to both on-premises and cloud environments or to different cluster environments;

Portworx kubemotion versions, application configuration, and capture and move Kubernetes objects
Moving the entire ad space, including 100s of namespaces, with a single command
5-minute RPO (Restore the Score Target)
Ability to see any network performance
PX-Autopilot: Automatically measuring storage space

For indoor management, PX-Offers the possibility to provide indoor management and design with Autopilot;

Measure your storage space automatically, you pay only as much as you use the partition
Automatically enlarge individual Kubernetes volumes or the entire storage pool
The possibility of creating designs up to 50-65% of your storage finances
In fact, the solution slogan is, “Any Application, Any Cloud, Any Infrastructure, Every Stage”

I will briefly talk about licensing, there are different types of licensing such as PX-Enterprise, or PX-Backup, PX-Dr. We can also talk to people who want more details here, but in short, the worker node number in your k8s environment is one of the priorities that indicates the type of licensing.

Close my comments;

Today, companies are investing or planning to optimize the business continuity, security, performance of our infrastructures and the availability of services provided in multiple locations, such as Production, DR or Cloud environment.

It is precisely at this point that we feel the end-to-end responsibility of systems running on our critical workloads, such as Kubernetes, on our shoulders. Again, it is very critical from our institution that we are responsible for ensuring that the backups you receive are secure so that you can continue your operation during the increasing ransomware sales that have passed. At this point, my betting solution meets all your requirements in your k8s environment.


Portworx Essentials / Forever Free – Basic Kubernetes storage capabilities for small production

Portworx Enterprise / Free 30-Day Trial – A full-featured enterprise storage platform for multiple production applications. Pay-as-you-go monthly or annual contract options are available.

PX-Backup / Free 30-Day Trial – The easiest way to protect all your Kubernetes applications.

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