Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

“Virtualization” technologies that have enhanced efficient utilization of IT resources also played the biggest role in starting of new era. Virtualization is the term used to explain isolation of computer resources from users. Methods to complete this isolation provide sharing or aggregating of computer resources. Primary goal of virtualization is isolation of user from resources by providing an isolation layer to user. Therefore, a logical layer is obtained between user and resources.

Common grounds of these software providing services in different topics are both security and ease of management. Virtualization solutions provides most efficient utilization of existing resources and also enables swift recovery of the systems in case of a disaster.

Virtualization Types

Server Virtualization

A physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers having features to act as a real server with main server resources and is masked to end-user. Every virtual server may run or restart its own operation systems independently. Low hardware costs and increasing resource utilization encourage to prefer this option.

Virtualization solutions need to be tailor-made. NGTech provides just the virtualization solutions you need thanks to its years of infrastructure experience. Virtualization also enables applications to run uninterrupted by means of rapidly activated virtual servers, therefore assure business continuity.

Desktop Virtualization

It means virtual desktop infrastructure. It has all kinds of operation systems and applications. Software is installed and managed in a single pane or hosted environment, after that access to this system is provided to end-user remotely. In this way, user may use his/her desktop remotely without need of installing all necessary applications to his/her local workstation. Remote IT Desktop support process in an organization becomes easier with the growing numbers of end-users.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is in short running user or server software without using local system resources. In order to do that, a virtual environment is created for virtualized application and all registry values, files and other supporting components are run on this environment. This platform isolates points used by other software or operation system by acting as a virtualization layer between virtual software and operating system.


NGTech Virtualization Solutions

1- Server Virtualization

2- Desktop Virtualization

3- Application Virtualization

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