Server and Modular Infrastructure Solutions

Server and Modular Infrastructure Solutions

Up-to-date Technologies with Modular Infrastructure

We have been offering products and solutions providing end-to-end support to digital transformation process of every company with software-defined, converged and hyper-converged server architectures. Those modular infrastructures provide all kinds of support the businesses need no matter what their scale or sector are.

Studies suggest that every 9 of 10 Turkish companies would have difficulties of meeting customer demands which will significantly change in next 5 years in terms of digital infrastructure. In this sense, having a future-proof technology in server and data storage solutions becomes an obligation in some way.

We have been offering you powerful solutions by combining our sector experience with dynamically scalable modular infrastructures suitable for software-defined storing, converged and hyper converged architectures and having resource optimization by starting with traditional server architectures for meeting the CPU, RAM and Disk demands in T=0 moment.

Since workloads rapidly evolve with implementation such as machine learning, deep learning and end-user Information Technologies and create so much data, IT infrastructure needs to be more efficient in order to take advantages of insights creating more and usually real-time data sets.

We provide entirely seperable and combinable structures with modular server platform that includes storage and networks in addition to server. Therefore, a dynamic and improving IT architecture meeting the workload and responding evolving needs immediately emerges. Kinetic infrastructure provides more flexibility and better IT resource utilization.

Having hardware such as server, storage, network and security within a single architecture makes integration of solution easier. Integration phase that takes normally days in an average project may be completed just in hours.

We first design the project of our solutions according to required infrastructure capacity after analyzing customers’ needs. Thanks to our modular server design, enterprises may renew and improve their infrastructure in a plug-unplug way any time they want.

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