Network and Security Solutions

Network and Security Solutions

Communication networks that can be considered as most critical component of companies’ communication needs become increasingly more significant. An unhealthy network system becomes problematic for both management and performance. Minor failure in network systems may cause interruption of crucial systems and even total halt for corporations.

It is important to have a system running with an orchestra precision from cabling to active devices and from active devices to network security. In recent years, wide area and local area network terms are wished to be eliminated and a unified network architecture is tried to be achieved. This demand makes network security more important besides performance. In order to meet such demands, designing both simple and easily updateable infrastructure is backbone of network communication.

As NGTech, we have been closely following every update every minute with our expert staff experienced in network and network security topics. We analyze needs of our business partners both physically and according to their corporate policy. We offer projects covering suitable product and services having up-to-date technologies for perfect connection and business continuity.

Network Solutions

1- Local Network Devices

2- Wireless Network Devices

3- Software-Defined Wide Area Network Hardware and Software

4- Software-Defined Network Applications

5- Network Management Software

6- Network Security Hardware and Software

Security Solutions

1- Firewall Devices

2- Network Security Software

3- E-mail Security Software

4- Web Security Software

5- Server Security Software

6- Environment Monitoring and Reporting Software

7- Database Security

8- End-user Security Software


Network and Security Solution Partners