NGTech Webinar Series Continues Unabated

A new one has been added to the NGTech Webinar Series. NGTech Senior Technical Advisor Fatih Kandemir made valuable information in our webinar on “DELL PowerStore Product Family and Modern Data Storage Solutions” held on March 21. There was a lot of participation in our webinar, where a detailed presentation was made about the role of DELL PowerStore products in the IT infrastructure and their features in the ecosystem.

In our previous webinar, we evaluated the innovations about the DELL MX series with Alper Kuş, our Network and Security Leader. Again, in this part of our webinar series, where there was a lot of participation, we talked about the DELL PowerStore Product Family and Modern Data Storage Solutions. We have addressed the future of data storage with modern and up-to-date technologies in the axis of product and software solutions.

The DELL PowerStore product family is designed for modern data storage solutions. In addition, it stands out with its high performance, high scalability and flexible structure. The DELL PowerStore family combines storage, data protection and data management operations on a single platform thanks to integrated storage software. In this way, it allows organizations to manage their data more easily and be more efficient in their business processes.

Modern data storage solutions are the structures that are necessary for enterprises to collect, store and analyze large amounts of data. These structures stand out with their scalable and flexible structure, unlike traditional storage systems. Modern data storage solutions allow businesses to manage data faster and more efficiently. The DELL PowerStore family is one of the modern data storage solutions.Dec. In addition to being modular, the PowerStore family offers high performance thanks to the use of SSDs equipped with NVMe technology.

As the only partner with the Proven Partner badge in Turkey, we provide services with DELL PowerStore products and software and our expert and certified team in order to store your data in your IT infrastructure in a modern way.

As the NGTech family, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our webinar on ”DELL PowerStore Product Family and Modern Data Storage Solutions”. On another topic, I hope to see you again on another webinar…

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