Innovative Steps in the World of Advanced Data Storage: Dell Unity XT and PowerVault ME5 Webinar

Another new one was added to the NGTech Webinar series in June. Thursday June 22nd was the day of the webinar where Dell Unity XT and PowerVault ME5 data storage products were explained. NGTech Senior Technical Consultant Fatih Kandemir, who provided valuable information to our webinar, and Data & Data Protection Leader Gökhan Çelik evaluated Dell Unity XT and PowerVault ME5 products with intensive participation.

In our webinar, Dell Unity XT was discussed as a high-performance data storage solution to meet data management and storage requirements in large-scale data centers. It was also emphasized that PowerVault ME5 is a cost-effective and high-performance data storage solution for medium-sized enterprises. PowerVault ME5 is optimized for managing data growth, accelerating data access, and ensuring data protection.

In our previous webinar, we evaluated how Dell VxRail makes data center management easier for users by combining virtualization, storage and management functions on a single platform. In this section, we talked about different data storage solutions such as Dell Unity XT and PowerVault ME5.

Dell Unity XT is a powerful and scalable storage platform used in data centers. With its high performance, data protection mechanisms and data management features, it provides effective management of data-intensive workloads. It also offers a multi-layer storage architecture, optimized storage space management for flexibility and data access.

Dell PowerVault ME5 is a data storage solution designed for the needs of medium-sized enterprises. Easy to use, this storage platform is optimized to manage data growth, speed up data access and ensure data protection. At the same time, it provides scalability and efficiency, helping enterprises meet data storage requirements.

As the only brand with Dell Proven Partner badge in Turkey, NGTech provides services with an expert and certified team in its field to ensure that you store your data in a modern way in your IT infrastructure with Dell Unity XT and Dell PowerVault ME5 products.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our webinar on ”Unity XT & PowerVault ME5″. I hope to see you again on another topic, on another webinar…

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