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Dell Technologies VxRail Point-and-Shoot Solutions with Hyper-Converged Architecture: A Penti Success Story!

New It Infrastructure At Penti Sock Factory

with our 86 million pairs of socks production capacity, we are among the top 2 manufacturers in Europe in our sector. Dec. In Turkey, we continue to be the leader with our Sunday share over 40 percent.

Being aware that the resources in the world are limited, we have adopted a sustainable production approach. We manage our sustainable company strategy, which we take into account at every stage of our corporate governance structure, at the highest level in our company. We are constantly developing projects on economics, environment and social issues, which are the three basic pillars of sustainability, and we aim to leave a world that values human rights and the environment more for future generations.

We have been meeting NGTech since 2018. They have helped us with analysis studies in many projects. they have produced solutions on the analysis and project design side in 5 projects in 2 years. The NGTech team has always approached us as a “trusted advisor”. This also led to a mutual trust. We had evaluated ourselves as an institution in which we believed in their abilities and liked their working principles. When the need for backup arose, we found that there were points in our systems that we needed to review. At this point, we asked NGTECH for support.

Dell Technologies Vxrail Point-And-Shoot Solutions With Hyper-Converged Architecture

We returned to NGTECH in January 2020 for a backup capacity plan. During the negotiations, we decided that the entire infrastructure of our factory should be reviewed. NGTech project design team made detailed monitoring with various tools specifically on the subject and analyzed the entire system first, starting with our network infrastructure. Then they presented a detailed report on the general situation of our altayp, its pros and cons, the problems that may arise in the future if we continue with the current standards, and the solutions on how to fix these problems.

Penti production infrastructure is strategically located in two different locations. As Penti manufacturing, our entire factory infrastructure was fully analyzed with network, security, server and backup parts. Due to our dynamics, it was determined that we need a more flexible and more manageable solution. After all the analysis studies, NGTech offered us a Hyper-Converged architecture solution with VxRail, one of the DELL Technologies products. In addition, NGTech focused on providing solutions for both disaster-recovery and backup needs while realizing the project.

Uninterrupted workflow is very important for us manufacturing companies. Therefore, it was among our priorities to manage this Deceleration from a single point and to be able to expand the infrastructure quickly if necessary. NGTech has offered us a solution that fits perfectly at this point. Of course, we also preferred it with great pleasure.

With the VxRail product, the method by which the disaster-rescue operation will be carried out in which location has been set up in the background. One of the reasons we preferred this solution was that, unlike classical architecture, instead of managing multiple hardware, we needed an infrastructure that could sustain the entire system with a single hardware and ensure business continuity. NGTech had analyzed this through its studies. After the network side was organized, they met our performance needs by taking into account the 5-year scalability and modular growth in the superstructure.

All The Systems That Our It Department Needs Are In One Panel

At Penti, we have a need for both business continuity and sending the backup to another location. the infrastructure with all network switches, including the edge ends of our 2 factory, has been completely renovated. In order to cover the next 5 years, the demand for a consolidated system that can meet all needs in terms of performance and quality has been fulfilled. By consolidating an architecture that was scattered, we needed to make it more powerful and higher-performing. NGTech has presented a point-blank solution here with the right product scaling. All the systems that our IT department needs have become operational on a single panel. These systems can be scaled up at any time without disrupting business continuity. At the same time, the mentioned system can be managed from a single point. It should be noted that there is also a system that provides business continuity when it comes to back up.

We have consolidated our infrastructure, which serves in different locations and is located in classical architecture, very easily with the VxRail product. We also had an easily manageable and traceable infrastructure. Since we are a factory, the infrastructure architecture offered was a solution proposal that easily responds to future growth. We found the benefits of Hyper-Converged architecture very useful. NGTech made a difference here as a team with the attitude it showed in its approach to the project and the comprehensive analysis work. Then, they Deciphered the quality of communication between the locations and put forward a very accurate project design.

The Project Was Delivered In 2 Days

All project installations were completed in a record time of 2 days. The entire infrastructure has been changed, including the network. For once, production was suspended at the factory for a period of 1 day. Dec. NGTech performed better than expected. They provided full staff service with all their teams. By the way, I would like to underline our sensitivity to Decapitation. All operations were completed turnkey in 2 days with simultaneous parallel work in both factories.

With this project we have realized with NGTech; we have achieved a scalable infrastructure that can grow continuously when requested. We hope to work together in our future IT investments with NGTech, which meets all the forward-looking needs of our organization.

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