Success Stories

Dell Technologies NGTech Vakıf Katılım Success Story!

Vakıf Katılım Bank

Remarkable Projects and Expertise

One of the most powerful members of participation finance sector Vakıf Katılım brings interest-free finance principles together with Vakıf Culture that is an important part of fair social life. Along with important mission adopted, we have been carrying on our works not only for our partners or clients but also for our principle of being a socially beneficial organization. This powerful and dynamic structure naturally have innovative and modern perspective. Therefore, we always need to keep our technological infrastructure powerful. Our paths with our business partner in IT topics NGTech crossed years ago. While making research about solutions suitable for our needs, NGTech’s reference projects and areas of expertise attracted our attention.


Accurate Analysis Means Accurate Diagnosis!

We determine our technology investments according to resource and performance requirements of our business units. We were providing existing data center server needs with traditional rack and blade server architectures. NGTech conducted a separate analysis study considering our needs and expectations. They shared us valuable information about New Generation Kinetic Server Architecture. They made us believe this technology is fit for us and brings new vision to our organization. We decided to continue with New Generation Kinetic Server Architecture for our new projects and regular server renewals. NGTech made valuable contributions to this decision.


Accurate Product Selection for Changing Needs

Dynamically changing needs for application software and provided services require more flexible, more efficient and more agile technology utilization. We looked for an infrastructure solution supporting traditional and transformational workloads in order to meet these demands. We have learned that modular infrastructure solution PowerEdge MX product hosts server, storage unit, network and storage area networks within a single box and we may acquire up-to-date Technologies for existing infrastructure by making PowerEdge MX adapting to future hardware Technologies. In addition to modular benefits PowerEdge MX provides, functionality increase with its applications about management, monitoring and automation is primary feature that made us prefer this solution.

PowerEdge MX showed us how flexible it could be with its modular infrastructure for new workloads. We are happy with the outcome we had without any performance loss or response delays for our intense workloads. In addition to that, it enables us to instantly apply workload-specific optimization and network configurations for multiple environments and therefore our IT Staff saved more time to complete other tasks that may provide advantages to organization.



Future-Proof Investments Provides Added Value to Organizations!

Our investment started in first quarter of 2020 and finished in very short notice as 1.5 after supplying the products. NGTech prove itself as a reliable business partner fulfilling all of its commitments. Products and solutions recommended by NGTech become prominent in comparison with competitors. Integration of an accurately selected and implemented product has been provided by NGTech organization which is one and only expert integrator of Turkey. This investment above all provided benefits for future. NGTech explained us this investment would be compliant to future technologies and integration would provide benefits based on performance by sharing technical details in every phase from analysis to project completion. Our need has been determined no more no less. NGTech adopting the entire project met all of our demands perfectly from analysis to implementation. This solution also provided operational benefits with its ease of management.


Vakıf Katılım’s Trust Partner NGTech

Our goal in all of our projects as NGTech is creating a long-running and trust-based business partnership. We came together with Vakıf Katılım with this vision. We have created solutions with close connections with their IT department by supporting them in almost every topic from popup questions of daily routine to up-to-date comments of product selection. We have provided answers for analysis and project integration topics together with Vakıf Katılım having growing and developing structure. While conducting the project, “analysis” concept came into prominence. Accurate purchasing and integration of up-to-date technologies with Vakıf Katılım are always our mutual priority during our project.


Added Value for Up-to-date Technologies

Added-value topic was always at the forefront while preferring up-to-date and leader technologies for projects we have conducted together with Vakıf Katılım.  We have completed entire configuration in much shorter time than traditional architectures by exceeding traditional architectures and managing entire hardware components with PowerEdge MX product. Time we spent for optimization, inventory management, updating and configuration is significantly reduced with this modernized infrastructure solution. We also provided a modular architecture and management convenience for future needs. Thanks to trust-based business partnership we have with Vakıf Katılım, we have created a mutually satisfied project from project design to implementation and integration phase.