Dell Technologies Integrated Data Protection Appliance

IDPA is a data protection solution that can carry out Backup & Recovery, Replication, Deduplication, Disaster Recovery on Cloud and Long-Time Storage, Instant Access, Search & Analysis processes on single product. IDPA products are categorized into 4 as DP4400 and higher class DP5500 for small and middle-sized enterprises or remote Office and affiliates, DP8300 and DP8800 for large-scale enterprises. IDPA has 8 TB to 1 PB physical storage area for backed up data (288 TB – 3PB with cloud layer) and 14.4 PB to 150 PB logical storage area with cloud layer. IDPA product has multiple hypervisor support. It provides wide data protection support in physical, virtual and cloud environments. In addition to that, it has a more familiar interface for system managers thanks to integrations with VMware, Oracle and SQL’s own management tools.

IDPA System Manager connects to systems on IDPA product and transfers processes such as backup, reporting, task automation, monitoring, managing into its own interface and provides management and monitoring from single console.

Backup engine used for Backup & Restore processes in IDPA products powered by DD Boost technology of Data Domain provides fastest backup solution so far. IDPA conducts restore process from its backups automatically. In addition to that thanks to “find & restore” feature, it restores files or folders deleted or to be restored with extensive search feature for file and folders located in backed up systems provided by Data Protection Search technology which enables search option into backed up file and folders. IDPA swiftly and easily backs up or restores Hyper-V and VMware virtualization platforms in order to backup and protect virtual instances besides physical devices in the environment. IDPA may also include your servers into automatic backup policies by means of automated protection policies.

IDPA system assures 55:1 compression ratio, deduplication and restore features for blocks by controlling backed up data blocks. This ratio is also the highest one amongst data deduplication solutions. IDPA provides public cloud expanding feature for data protection thanks to its native cloud support and minimizes data loss in case of a disaster by storing a copy of data on cloud for disaster recovery scenarios. It provides more flexible solutions for long-term data storage thanks to “Cloud Disaster Recovery” feature. IDPA has Dell Technologies Elastic Cloud Storage, AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), cept, IBM Cloud Object Storage support for cloud platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS GovCloud, VMware Cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure for Cloud Disaster Recovery.

Data Protection Advisor has been developed in order to submit results of all of these processes and extensive reports to customer’s review. It helps you to conduct analysis by providing custom reports for custom intervals. Data Protection Advisor reports errors during backup process by automating you tasks. It provides service standard by controlling compliance according to application policies. IDPA family provides more performance for Instant Access and Restore thanks to its advanced data cache memory providing four times more IOPS with recent updates and 40.000 IOPS with short latency such as 20 milliseconds.