Pinpoint Solutions with Dell Technologies VXRail Hyper-Converged Architecture: Penti Success Story!


We are one of the two biggest producers of Europe at our sector with our 86 million pairs of sock production. We have been retaining our leadership in Turkey with more than 40% of market share.

We have adapted sustainable production approach, as we are aware of limited resources in the World. We have been managing our sustainable organization strategy that we consider in every phase of our management structure at highest level in our organization. We have been developing projects about three pillars of sustainability economy, environment and social topics and aiming to leave our next generations a world appreciating human rights and environment more.

We become acquainted with NGTech since 2018. They have helped us for analysis of many projects. They have created analysis and project solutions for 5 projects in 2 years. NGTech team always approached us as a “trusted advisor”. This created a mutual trust. We have evaluated them as an organization having capabilities and working principles we believe and like. When we had a need for backup systems, we realized that we have certain points to consider in our systems. We have asked NGTech’s support right at this point.



In January 2020, we have called back NGTech for backup capacity plan. We have decided in our meetings that our entire factory infrastructure needs to be considered. NGTech Project team meticulously analyzed our entire system starting with our network infrastructure by using various tools.. After that, they have provided a comprehensive report covering our strengths, weaknesses, potential issues to face if we continue with existing standards and solutions for fixing these issues.

Penti production infrastructure is strategically located in two different locations. Our entire factory infrastructure has been completely analyzed in terms of network, security, server and backup systems. We determined that we need a more manageable and more flexible solution because of our dynamics. After all of these analyses, NGTech recommended us a Hyper-Converged architecture solution of Dell Technologies products, VxRail. In addition to that, NGTech focused to provide solutions for both disaster recovery and backup needs during the project.

Continuous workflow is very important for manufacturing organizations like us. Therefore, managing this continuity from single point and expanding our infrastructure when we need it were our priorities. NGTech offered us the solution precisely suitable for us. We of course gladly preferred the solution they offered.

Method and location of disaster recovery operations were designed on the background with VxRail product. One of the reasons we preferred this solution was our need of having an infrastructure different from traditional approach that may support entire system with single hardware rather than managing multiple hardware. NGTech analyzed this before. They have met our performance requirements by considering modular growth and 5 years of scalability in upper infrastructure after making our network organized.



We have a requirement in Penti to send both business continuity and backups to different location. Our infrastructure and entire network switches including edge switches of our two factories have been replaced. Our request to have a consolidated system that might meet entire performance and quality needs for upcoming 5 years has been met. We needed to consolidate a distributed architecture and make it more powerful and high-performance. NGTech provided us a pinpoint solution by scaling right product. All of the systems our IT department need become operational from a single pane. Those systems may be scaled when needed without interrupting business continuity. Besides, this system may be managed from single point. We also need to state that this system provides business continuity in terms of backups.

We have easily consolidate our infrastructure having traditional architecture and running on different locations with VxRail product. We also have easily managed and monitored infrastructure now. Since we are a factory, offered infrastructure architecture is a solution that may easily meet future growth needs. We found Hyper-Converged architecture very beneficial. NGTech team made a difference with the analysis and positive attitude in the project. They have analyzed communication quality between locations and designed a perfect project.



Entire project implementation has been finished in only two days. Entire infrastructure including network has been replaced. We have made an ad-hoc, one-day pause to production in factory. NGTech performed beyond our expectations. They have provided service with their entire team. I also want to emphasize our sensibility for business interruption. Entire project have been completed in two days with simultaneous operations in both factories.

Thanks to the project we have completed with NGTech, we have a scalable infrastructure that may be expanded without interruption when needed. We hope to work together with NGTech that met our entire demands towards future in our future IT investments.