About Us

Our approach is consisted of determining technological needs of our clients, forming the solution, providing consultancy, project design, implementation and after-sales support. NGTech aims to provide maximum benefit and satisfaction by prioritizing one-to-one communication with clients throughout this journey.

End-to-end Technology Solutions

As NGTech, we are an “integrator” company feeling the pulse of technology of IT sector. In parallel with Analysis – Solution – Project end-to-end triangle; we first determine the needs, create solutions and finally implement the project. After that, we are always at your disposal with our consultancy and after-sales support services. We always care about one-to-one communication and offer right products that you need throughout these processes.

Our Expertise is Your Satisfaction

We have been offering only the products and services of our expertise since our first day of establishment. In addition to that, all of our solutions are offered to meet your needs. We determine your need and work with a complete satisfaction focus.


Our Vision

Staying Always Up-to-date to Catch Future

We adapt ourselves to constantly changing and evolving information technologies world and offer our customers up-to-date technologies in an effective and sustainable way.

 Our Mission

Trust is the Result of your Satisfaction

Providing 100% satisfaction by using most up-to-date technologies to meet your demands is our most important mission. Trust and satisfaction is always indispensable for us.

Our Information Security Policy

Within the scope of ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standard, Our company declares;

  • 1- Providing secure access to company’s and shareholders’ information assets
  • 2- Protecting availability, integrity and confidentiality of information
  • 3- Assessing and managing possible risks of company’s and shareholders’ information assets
  • 4- Protecting reliability and brand reputation of company
  • 5- Following required sanctions in case of an information security breach
  • 6- Meeting information Security needs emerging from national or sectoral regulations, requirements of relevant legal legislations, liabilities coming from agreements and corporate responsibilities of internal and external stakeholders
  • 7- Providing business continuity and sustainability and reducing information security threats with Business/Service Continuity
  • 8- Protecting and enhancing information security levels with control infrastructure
  • 9- Providing training for enhancing capabilities in order to increase information security awareness.

Quality Policy

Our company commits;

  • Conforming to quality related regulations, laws, legal responsibilities and standards completely
  • Considering used technology and supporting factors, taking all necessary precautions
  • Providing common perspective in every level of organization according to our Quality requirements
  • Providing training and open communication opportunities to all of our employees
  • Providing qualified service meeting existing and changing needs and expectations of our business partners and customers
  • Working together with our partners and suppliers in a collaborative and trustworthy way
  • Keeping customer satisfaction levels at maximum by providing the best and fastest technical support services to our customers
  • Continuously improving and developing entire processes and application of management systems, being always open to development
  • Our entire operations are run after completing ISO 9001 certificates for our field. Therefore, we have an operation management system assured in accordance with Quality Management System and we commit to review this system periodically for its continuity and improvement.

KVKK Policy


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